Welcome to Interstellar Politics, where politics and geek collide!  As the tagline suggests, you’ll find two different kinds of discussions here:

Politics:  Part of this site is devoted to the political opinion of the site’s authors.  The founder and owner (Toni Goodman) is a self-proclaimed classical liberal, and as such has the goal of bringing varied opinions to the table from the right and the left.  Each opinion article is that of its author and not that of InterstellarPolitics.com or its founder (unless, of course the article is written by Mr. Goodman).

Geek Culture:  Another element of this site is to present opinion or news articles on various parts of “geek culture”.  Geek culture is of course broad, but such categories would be: comic books, science-fiction, fantasy, gaming, table-top roleplaying, and related film and television.

Podcasts:  Hosted by various individuals, podcasts will be listed as either Political or Geek, and downloadable on its accompanied blog post.

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